The Group has the right of signing contract of foreign economic and technological cooperation and qualification of foreign contracted projects. It has built the Guinea Bissau National Stadium and the Pinecone Hospital, the Seeds Extending Station of the People's Republic of Mongolia and Guyana office buildings such as 17 overseas engineering projects. 3700 contract workers were sent by the Group to Israel, South Korea, Japan, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore and so on more than 20 countries. The Group has been awarded honorary titles as "The advanced  foreign labor services enterprise", "The advanced unit of foreign economic work " of Weifang and "The advanced unit of foreign-related work " and so on.

    To further expand the scope of international business, to enlarge the international market, our group company established Changda International Investment Holding Co., LTD and  Changda International Co., LTD in New Zealand in 2013 and successfully squeezed into the New Zealand market mainly for foreign investment, real estate development, timber processing and sales, mining exploration, agricultural development, import and export trade business etc.

    ChangDa International Investment Holding Co.,Ltdwas founded on August 14th,2013. Its register capital is RMB60,000,000.

    Legal representative: Xu Pengqiang.

    Business scope: use own funds for foreign investment, timber trade, building materials, foreign trading, technology import and export.

Changda International Investment Holding Co., Ltd has three shareholders which are Weifang ChangDa Construction Group Co., Ltd.(60%), Weifang Yinji Porperty Co., Ltd.(20%), Yangpu Keleiteer Investment Co., Ltd.(20%), ChangDa Construction Group Co., Ltd is the Controlling shareholder.



   Mr. Xu, chairman of the board met with New Zealand        Mr. Xu, chairman of the board met with Mr. Peter Goodfellow,
      Economy Development Minister Steven Joyce               Chairman of New Zealand National Party and others together






   The Executive Director of Walker Group of Australia          Japanese businessmen visited the construction site


        visited our real estate projects    






       Negotiating with Kajima of Japan about            Signing a cooperation agreement with
           the technological cooperation                        Uzbekistan businessmann