Construction engineering
Construction engineering

Construction Engineering Construction Service Introduction

一、Qualification and Grading

To possess first grade qualification of general contract for housing construction engineering,  and  consist of 9 civil engineering branch companies, 6 manager’s departments directly under civil engineering project, 2 installation engineering branch companies, and relevant supporting branches for decoration and mechanized construction.

二、Construction Capability

To be able to construct housing construction engineering which is below 40 layers and with diverse span; buildings below 240 meters and Residential Areas or group of buildings with 0.2 million square meters or below. Since 1990, the group has finished construction engineering areas of over 1 million square meters, set up six “Taishan Cup” projects, five “Yuandu Cup” projects ,  more than 20 provincial excellent projects and over 260 municipal-level excellent projects.

三、 Representative Projects

Weifang Yuanfei Hotel which is the first high-rise building in Shandong Province; Weifang municipal authority comprehensive office block which is the single project with biggest area in Weifang (the area is 72 thousand square meters); Weifang Yuhua Weaving Workshop with high technological content and difficulties (post tensioning is 35 meters); Senior residential area—Weifang Shengli Square Group Project; pseudo-classic architecture—Weifang Museum.

Weifang Yuanfei Hotel, with building area of 31000 square meters, was the highest building in Shandong Province at that time and one of Weifang ten big buildings.

Weifang TV Station Office Building: covering building area of 14000 square meters, checked and accepted as excellent project in January of 2001, checked and accepted as Shandong provincial excellent project in 2002, checked and accepted as Shandong provincial “Taishan Cup” project in 2003.

Weifang Municipal Authority Comprehensive Office Block is a modern comprehensive high-rise building for government to handle business. Covering building area of 72500 square meters,  with two storeys underground and twenty-three storeys  on the ground, it is frame construction and was awarded Weifang “Yuandu Cup”Project, Shandong Excellent Project and Shandong “Taishan Cup” Project.

Weifang Museum: invested by Weifang Municipal Government, frame construction, with building area of 18000 square meters, one storey underground, five storeys on the group, the total height of 35.5 meters, cost of construction of 20 million Yuan.

Weifang No 4 Cotton Painting Weaving, with building area of 12437 square meters, was completed and accepted as excellent project in July of 1990, checked and accepted as Shandong Provincial Excellent Project in December of 1991, and checked and accepted as provincial construction engineering excellent prize in May of 1993.

Group Project of Weifang Shengli Square Residential Small Area, developed by Weifang Shengrong Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., includes dormitory building, underground garage, hall and club, guild hall, swimming pool, kindergarten, fountain, south gate. Its building area is 0.1 million square meters.