Development History
Development History

In August 10, 1949, Weifang municipal government decided, on the basis of the original building branch, the establishment of the Weifang special city building cooperatives shingles.

In March 1950, by the Weifang Municipal People's government decided to "Weifang city building shingles cooperatives" was renamed "Weifang building cooperatives", under the direct leadership of Weifang Municipal People's government.

In September 30, 1951, the CPC Weifang Municipal Committee, Weifang municipal building cooperatives to state, known as the "state Weifang city construction company, directly under the leadership of Weifang Municipal People's government.

In June 1, 1952, the original construction of the Shandong construction company in Qingdao branch of the Weifang office and the merger of the Weifang construction company, changed its name to "Weifang construction company". In September 3, 1953, the Weifang construction company by the Shandong Provincial People's Government renamed Changwei area construction company".

In April 7, 1958, the company by the provincial Juzhu enterprise in Changwei area.In October of that year, the company was renamed "commissioner Changwei Construction Bureau, become Zhengqigeyi enterprise.

In January 23, 1963, the office of the Commissioner of Construction Bureau Changwei separate government. Among them, the building construction reverted to the provincial part of the hall, set up a "Shandong province construction department Changwei construction engineering company".

In 1981, the company changed its name to "Weifang construction engineering company in Shandong".

In December 1, 1983, the seven storey office building company headquarters moved to the State Road 696, the completion of the new.

1984, changed its name to "Weifang first construction company".

In November 1991, changed its name to "Weifang construction and installation engineering company", the company owned units to the branch.

August 1997, the establishment of a group company.

In August 28, 1997, the workers' Congress was held to elect the board of directors of the group corporation.

October 8, 1999, the Weifang municipal government approved the construction of Weifang Chang Da Construction (Group) corporation.

November 8, 1999 to 19, held a shareholders' meeting, adopted the articles of association, the election of the board of directors, the board of supervisors, the appointment of managers.

In November 26, 1999, the company held the inaugural meeting. Since then, the company quit the ranks of state-owned, joint-stock private economic organizations.

June 29, 2000, the Weifang Chang Tai Construction Co., Ltd. was registered to receive a business license.

November 18, 2002, the company held the second session of the general meeting of shareholders, the general election.

In March 2004, "Weifang Chang Da Construction Co., Ltd." changed its name to "Weifang Chang Da Construction Group Co., ltd.".