Award winning project
Bid section II of comprehensive regulation project of upper reaches of Baisha River of zhangmian Riv

The second bid section of the comprehensive regulation project of the upper reaches of zhangmian River and Baisha River in Weifang City starts from Jinshan street in the south to Baotong street in the north and connects with the botanical garden, with a total length of about 2.1km , excavate and transport the domestic construction wastes on both sides of the river fourteen point five 10000 m3, 160000 m3 of sludge in the river channel, 130000 m2 of terrain shaping, including sewage pipeline, sewage well, rubble dam, landscape garden road, asphalt pavement, curbstone A pebble dry stream, bluestone slab, wooden plank road and landscape bridge. 2016 Shandong municipal gold cup demonstration project.